The Roots of Wainart
Wainart was established with the goal of creating sustainable jobs for people in Haiti.

Due to unfortunate circumstances that have befallen the beautiful country, much of the culture is entrenched in a cycle of dependency and despair. This atmosphere muffles the voice of a proud society.

Our founder is Mike Francoeur, who lived in Haiti until the age of 15 when he moved to the United States and eventually gained his citizenship there. Wanting to make a difference in the place he grew up, he decided to take a trip and evaluate the state of everything. He saw crippling poverty, limited internet access, homes without electricity, and empty beaches.

He also saw that while poverty may weigh heavily on people it does not detract from their talent, which instills a sense of hope and pride.

While visiting a small village, he saw people hand-making jewelry and accessories using a method called "macrame". Despite their incredible abilities, they were making very little income from what they were doing.

Without a support system, these talented artists did not know how valuable their creations were. Many were forced to give up on earning a living with their art and it became common for them to travel to the capital of Haiti (Port-au-Prince) so they could find better-paying jobs to provide for their families.

Being separated from your children is never easy, but often became a difficult reality. As a solution, we decided to partner with these talented artists to provide sustainable jobs for them without being separated from their families, show them the real value of their unique gifts, and share Haiti's richness with the world.

Our mission continues with your support! And we are proud to say that everything we carry is handmade in Haiti with love.